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Takes place somewhere in Echoes, where Chesta is trying to grow his power some, in order to be more useful to the others.

Chesta sat under a large tree that was starting to lose its lush green color. He had his eyes closed and legs crossed under him. He covered his face with a cloth and meditated for nearly two hours now. Younger he could barely stand thirty minutes four times a day. In this sitting he was focusing his mind on his breath, building up the energy and focusing it on a single spot in front of him.

A clink of a weapon cut his attention.

Chesta knew that even in the deep forest near their camp, he had a slim chance of safety. He was not a very offensive fighter, and unlike Dilandau, power user.

“Hey, relax.” Gatti’s voice eased his tension.

“Oh, thanks.”

“Sorry for interrupting, I actually stumbled onto you.” Gatti said and yawned. “I’ll let you get back.”

“Its ok, I should take a break. My head is starting to get a bit of pressure.” He pulled the cloth from his head and looked at the dark surroundings. “Its late.”

“Dilandau was actually getting worried you got lost or passed out somewhere.” Gatti sat down and picked at some grass. “You’ve been meditating a lot more.”

“I’m trying to get stronger, meditation will help me.” Chesta folded the cloth in his hands and slipped it into his pocket. “I need to be able to do more than just see into things and have one way conversations with Dilandau.”

“You do, what do you have in mind?” Gatti asked.

“Maybe a shield, or some kind of disruption.” He leaned forward onto his knees. “I’m limited to defensive things, so its hard to figure out what I’m capable of.”

Gatti scratched his nose. “What are you working on now?”

Chesta smiled. “Well, I’m working currently on a barrier, or shield.” He explained. “Like, I know there isnt many like me so having to block someone peering into my head wont be necessary, but physical attacks.”

“I’d say Dilandau can do it, but his generally are just like when a sword blocks a strike instead of armor or shield.”

Chesta nodded. “This would be like a shield, yes.” He yawned. “I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, asking someone to attack me and it fail would prove to be fatal.”

“What about just like a slap or something?” Gatti asked.

The seer nodded. “I don’t think anyone would want to though.”

“I’ll do it, not many chances I get to feel what a psychic shield feels like.”

“Or what slapping me feels like.”

Gatti chuckled. “Ok, are you ready?” He stood up.

Chesta got onto his feet and took a deep breath. “Yes.”

Before Chesta could actually focus enough to put up the shield, Gatti’s hand connected with his cheek. The sound echoed off the trees and the forest around them.

Chesta put his hand to his stinging cheek. “ You weren’t supposed to hit me til the barrier was up!”

Gatti burst out into a laughter that could be heard by the camp. “I-I’m so.. so sorry Chesta.. but your face when... I hit you was so priceless.”

“Shut up it hurt!” Chesta rubbed his face. “You were supposed to wait for me at least.”

“You said you were ready, oh goddess Chesta I’m sorry.” Gatti said between laughs.

Chesta rolled his eyes and chuckled. “I guess so.”


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